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Neo Vitamin Head Filter Lavender PurelivingPH

Neo Vitamin Head Filter Lavender

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Vitamin infused shower filter

Neo shower vitamin filters are made from natural Vitamins and moisturizing ingredients. Each filter consists of natural aroma oil for an extra pampering shower whilst improving the quality of your water by filtering unwanted substances.
Scent: Lavender – soothing and relaxing scent which helps relieve stress anxiety.
• Skin Benefits: Vitamin C content has antioxidant properties which prevents aging, brightening, antioxidant promoting healthier skin and hair. Also with milk protein, glycerin and collagen which is moisturizing and a more luxurious shower perfect for the whole family.
• Improves water quality: removes chlorine, bacteria for a healthier shower experience.
• Aromatherapy: scentual showers with a variety of scents to choose from so you can relax, pamper, boost mood or energize creating a spa-like experience right at your home.
Inclusion: 1 shower head filter
Made in South Korea